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On the way to SOA

Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) is a kind of architecture of the Informational Technologies which exists nowadays. Since there is a great number of large and significant volumes and books written on this subject, the main purpose of this article is not to generally describe the SOA itself. I would like to discuss more closely the basic or foundation, technical or infrastructural services instead. There is a definition, found in one of the books on the SOA:

These are the services, which have no specific functionality according to the business, but they provide high level of the technical support to create other services

These are the following services: Security or Membership, Logging and Exception Resolution, Statistic, and some others. go to article

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How to collect and display statistic

how to collect and display statistic

How to handle exceptions

how to handle exceptions

Long-Running Active Object. Part 1.

Long-Running Active Object