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Exception Resolution Service


Exception Resolution Service processes unhandled and/or standard exceptions, alerts system administrator and displays the information about the exceptions in a user friendly way.

Exception Resolution Service is a general subsystem of the Foundation Services and allows to proceed the following actions:

  • to register the detailed information about the unhandled exceptions
  • to store the updated directory of the standard exceptions
  • to send back the explanations about the mistake for the unhandled exceptions using the current language (e.g. English or Russian) in a user friendly way
  • to send back the text of an error using the current language for the standard exceptions
  • to alert the system administrator when the mistake occurs
  • to display the detailed technical information about the mistakes to the system administrator


The main benefit of the Exception Resolution Services is the centralized exceptions handling. There are some other important advantages, which include:

Security or Exception shielding. It is a Service, which suppresses all the technical data about the mistake from the end user and delivers it directly to the system administrator.

User friendly interface.The Service displays an easy message about the mistake for the user.

Awareness.The Service alerts (e.g. sends an email) about appearance of the mistake in the system.

Multilingual Support.The Service stores and displays the message about the mistakes on the languages, which are supported by the system.