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Statistics Service


Statistics Service allows you to collect, processing and display the information about the events inside the system which are of interest to you: the amount of applications and loggings on the site as the internet reviewers or the amount of applications on your site per hour, per day, per month and so on. Statistics Service and Statistics Portal are the subsystems of the Basic (Foundation) Services. They allow:

  • to collect the primary data: start date, due date and the completeness of the events
  • to maintain the preliminary data processing: to evaluate the minimum interval grouping1) time wise accordingly to the cultural features2)
  • to calculate the updating 3) total or aggregate information based on the primary
  • to remove the primary data after certain amount of time4)
  • to quickly display the reports based not only on the summarized data but also on the primary data, using fast algorithm for grouping by date and time
  • to show aggregate data on the most frequently used time gaps
  • to conclude the data for the fixed of random time gaps5)
  • to manage the settings6) in the form of reports
1)15 minutes, an hour, a week, a month, a year back
2)collected data can depend on the region and culture, e.g. in the USA the first day of the week is Sunday as for in Ukraine it’s Monday back
3)the primary data can be updated and added and as the result the earlier calculated summarized data will be incorrect. The Service will automatically recalculate the invalid summarized data back
4)according to the settings, fixed data back
5)an hour, a week, a month, a year back
6)settings: to calculate the data for the fixed or random period of time, how to group the data (per hour, per day, per year, etc.) when to remove the prime data and so on back


The list of the most important benefits (advantages) of the Statistics Service is shown below:

Extensibility. The structure of the data allows storing general data as well as the most widely used primary data (the data of the beginning, the end and the amount of the events) and aggregate data (maximum, minimum and the general number and duration of events)

Performance. Due to the use of the fast algorithm for grouping by date and time the Service can calculate quite a large grouping much faster.

Easy to use and User friendly interface.Thanks to some characteristics of the System it is possible to get an easy, user friendly interface to obtain various queries of aggregate data for the period of time.